Yay! My 4th eBook with Pattern Sheets is finished

Hi All,

After a conflicting battle between mixed formatting, I’m so pleased it’s finished

eBook Cover page

MT-Crafty Lady X

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It’s been a while…

This year is flying by as I’ve been very busy with a new eBook. It will be uploaded to Amazon very soon…(hopefully) when I sort out the pesky glitches that are a nuisance but I’ll get there eventually.

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed some of the warmer weather that we’ve had but give me cooler every time. 

Hugs to all who will feel better for them.

MT-Crafty Lady X


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Quilting with a friend…

I’ve completed another quilt within a friend’s group and was amazed that I finished it in 2 weeks. I added a fleece backing so it’s a perfect sofa quilt. I loved the piecing technique and option of many different pattern designs resulting in a lovely finish.

Here’s my lovely snuggly quilt – finished quilt 011

Thanks Jan X

MT-Crafty Lady X

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Satchel/s for Sale…

Searching for some project pieces I found some of the prepped Fabric Satchel pieces from my eBook – ‘How to Make Your Own Fabric Satchel’ by Marian Turner. I love this fabric but I’m too busy to finish this, so it would be a great project for someone who has my eBook with instructions to finish it.

cover for ebook 2 x 1

Now on Amazon!


The satchel for Sale is partially made with most of the components stitched together. The design is a dated woven fabric print  – ‘Westgate Bridge Iron Works – 1885’  Accounts pages with Black Lining fabric.

If anyone is interested in completing this Satchel, here are some photos to show it thus far….

This satchel is the same size as my completed  (currently £22.50 sale price satchels). The size is approx. 12 ins wide and 11½ inches. Included with the pre-fused pieces, is the completed adjustable shoulder strap with the prepared Tabs to attached to the Front Flap. Also included is a pair of Bib and Brace Buckles for the Front Flap.

The Front pocket with Label holder, Pocket Gusset and Main body Gusset are all attached.

All components for Iron Works Satchel 08

To complete the satchel you would need a strong needle (I use a size 90) to sew the Main satchel flap to the Back piece (2 rows of stitching). Then sew the Gusset to the Back. Finish with Black Bias binding (included) to edge the satchel and add the Buckles (supplied).

The Sale cost of this satchel is reduced to £15.00 plus p&p (Normally £25 +p&p) to complete yourself…and there is only one!

I have main body fused pieces for a low sale price too but no additional supplies. PM me if interested and I’ll post photos.

Here are some completed satchels for Sale at £22.00 each + p&p. 

MT-Crafty Lady X

See more satchels on my Blog – https://marianturnercraftylady.wordpress.com

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Poppy blocks are now a Quilt!

After 10 years or more I’ve finished my Poppy Memory quilt The blocks were part of a quilting group birthday swap, and from family and other friends but have been a UFO for so long.  Now it is a beautiful quilt and I love it so much! Thank you to everyone who contributed a block!

Poppy quilt 25

MT-Crafty Lady X 

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My latest quilt is completed…yay!

Hi All

I hope you are all doing well but I’m sending a whole lot of virtual hugs to all that need them. It took a long time but I’m really pleased with the end result of my latest quilt. It was tough going so I’m looking forward to working on smaller projects now. This quilt started out as a Birds in the Air design but evolved over time to something completely different. It’s aimed at kiddies of all ages and their bedtime dreams… pics to follow.

MT-CraftyLady X


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Upcoming Quilt project…

Hi All,

I hope this post finds you all well or at least on the way to good health!

While I was updating my website, I thought I’d show you a sneak preview of my upcoming ‘Back to Front quilt’…..of course that’s not the real name of it, it’s just the way it evolved over time, but it’s coming together nicely now.


I wonder if anyone has any ideas what it is? …apart from the 2 people who have seen some blocks! But it’ll stay under wraps until it’s finished. That’s all for now on that folks but….

While having a de-clutter, I came across some (fused/prepared) Fabric Satchel body pieces which can be made into Satchels. They are from my first ebook, ‘How to Make Your Own Fabric Satchel’  and were One-Off! satchels, No two were the same. (See on the Right of this page), and also available on Amazon.co.uk. If you’re interested you can type in Marian Turner on Amazon and it should take you there. Also to the Right you can see the rotating carousel showing a lot of the Satchels I’ve made.

All the fused body pieces are ready so I’ll be sorting them out with a view to selling at some point. If anyone is interested to see what’s still available PM Sandra Turner on Facebook –  (the book Cover is my FB logo). I will be putting them on UKQU on FB soon….UK Postage Only!

Apart from that I’ve still got 5 completed Fabric Satchels for sale, 2 large size (holds a Lever arch file; and 3 medium size (holds an A4 File).

To all, stay well, stay safe and stay warm.

MT-Crafty Lady X



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